Eric Soetens (emeritus)

  • Mental chronometry: Sequential effects, S-R compatibility, the Simon and Flanker effect.

  • Action theory: common coding, psychological refractory period.

  • Visual focused attention.

  • Implicit sequence learning, including age effects, and Alzheimer patients.

  • Doping and maximal performance.

  • Influence of Psychoactive drugs on implicit and explicit memory and learning.

  • Full CV upon request


  • Cognitive Psychology I (2nd year Bachelor in Psychology)

  • Exercises Cognitive Psychology I (2nd year Bachelor in Psychology)

  • Cognitive Psychology II (3rd year Bachelor in Psychology)

  • Lab class Cognitive Psychology (3rd year Bachelor in Psychology)

  • Motor Learning (3rd year Bachelor LO)

  • Introduction to Psychology (Vesalius College PSY-103)

  • Cognitive Psychology (Vesalius College PSY-231)


  • Attention and Perception (Master in Clinical Psychology, option Cognitive Psychology)

  • Coaching thesis (2nd year Master in Psychology)

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