In cognitive psychology the basic mechanisms and functions of human behaviour are studied. Our main research topics are conscious and unconscious processes and cognitive control. These fundamental research topics are also studied in more applied and clinical contexts (e.g., metacognitve awareness; effects of pain on executive functioning; underlying cognitive mechanisms of psychopathy). Research methods include behavioral experiments, clinical studies and neurocognitive research (EEG and fMRI).





Research Facilities

Posnerlab (3B201)

In our modern Posnerlab we have 14 individual testing cubicles, each equipped with a single PC for optimal testing. Furthermore, our facilities contain photoelectric rotory pursuit equipment (Lafayette Model 30014A) and EyeLink II eye tracking equipment (SR Research).

Kleitman Lab (Building C, Elevator rotule 3, Floor 0)

We have 7 individual testing cubicles, each equipped with a PC for optimal testing. In addition, we have a professional device at our disposal (32-channel amplifier from Advanced Neuro Technology with Waveguard EEG cap) used in event-related potential (ERP) studies.

Please contact our lab manager (Bart Aben) for a reservation or further information